This show deals with a subject so touchy, so controversial, so sensitive, that many Christians get mad when a sermon is given on it…yet it has to be said. It’s not about evangelism; it’s not about Hell and it’s not about the topic of abortion.

hart attack

I cannot tell you what it is because you may never tune in. BUT! But, I can promise that you will enjoy a rich, healthy, active Christian life if you apply what you hear in this program. I even used a lot of fun quotes and illustrations as sugar to make the medicine go down, and even included a few songs from our house band, “The Strangers.”

Click here to listen.

Feel free to comment afterward.


2 thoughts on “HEART ATTACK!!!

  1. Hey Pastor Steve, Just letting you know that the video stops at 21:53. It won’t let you listen to anymore of the video. I’m enjoying the sermon and learning some things I didn’t know.

  2. Was able to listen to the rest of the video and I’m glad I did! Thanks for the encouragement. My heart needed this!

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